domingo, 7 de marzo de 2021

Porn democratization in 2021

 Pornhub has more than 42 billion visits per year. 115 million daily. Its periodic profits in advertising alone exceed 3,000 million euros. In Spain, the average age at which pornography consumption begins is 14 years old.

Rosa Cobo says that pornography is the pedagogy of prostitution. And it is true. Both practices objectify and commodify women's bodies and deprive them of political subjectivity. Both are instruments of subjugation of men towards women, ALL WOMEN, to categorize and reduce us to mere sexual or reproductive objects (according to the taste of men, of course), at the service of the dominant sex. Both practices are sexist violence.

Pornography and prostitution are sustained and perpetuated over time due to the macho violence intrinsic to the patriarchal system. Also to that existing in the capitalist system. The 21st century slavery to which pornographed and/or prostituted women are subjected is based on two categories: sex and class. It is good to know that several websites produce porn torrent in a very easy way. It is no coincidence that the sex industry is limited to the most vulnerable women, those who have fewer resources, those who, because they do not have, do not even have the right to have rights.

In both exploitations, women are deceived, captured, kidnapped, raped and outraged. Their exploiters are the pimps, but also the whoremongers. Their rapists are the whoremongers but also the passive spectators who consent to and legitimize their exploitation while watching them live or recorded, behind a television screen or a mobile device.

Porn has been democratized. Long gone are the Interviú that passed from hand to hand among teenagers or the encoded Fridays of Canal +. Today, the sex industry is accessible twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. And it is accessible to all ages. Unfortunately, teenagers are initiated into sexuality through pornography, and consume it at increasingly younger ages. Many of them will try to reproduce in their sexual relations everything they have learned through it, including the asymmetrical relations between women and men, and the violence that legitimizes them.

We can no longer look the other way. The daily herds challenge us all. We must commit ourselves to the fight against male violence, whatever type it may be, wherever it comes from. To achieve this, we must work on three strategic lines: coeducation throughout life and the incorporation of affective-sexual education in the classroom, as stated in the recent Celaá Law, and prevent the structural violence that women suffer from childhood for the simple fact of having been born girls, as stated in the Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents against violence, which we are finalizing in the Congress of Deputies.

These days I am reading PornoXplotación, the latest work by Mabel Lozano. An uncomfortable, disturbing book, which places the prostituted or pornographed woman in front of the reader, like a mirror. I remember the chapter in which a young girl barely of age narrated her first 'bukkake', a practice in which a group of men take turns to ejaculate on a woman. At the end, she had to ingest the semen of all of them. I could not suppress my gagging. Nor could I remember a tweet: "Bukkake for all those freaks who paint all men as potential abusers and would like there to be only women". It was signed by Pablo Hasel. Sorry, but no. After so many years of subjugation, after so much violence, after so much pain... not everything is valid as freedom of expression.